The Tasmanian common wombat (vombatus ursinus) is an animal of great charm and determined personality.   They are snuggly and affectionate when young, though become somewhat trying in adolescence.

Sadly some wombats are killed on the roads, and the young in the pouch need to be rescued.   We have successfully raised and rehabilitated many baby wombats to the two year old adolescent stage when they can be safely released into the wild.   Shown here at left are Rupert, Katarina, and at the top, Wilberforce. 

Landclearing is the biggest threat to wombats, as it is to humans. Undisturbed forest stores four times the carbon present in the wood alone. Deforestation is the greatest cause after coal burning, of dangerous climate change.   

And do visit Tasmania, its still one of the most beautiful places on earth.