2022 Online talks

Our new talk The Fully Human Parent, is getting a wonderful response from parents.   And the classic live shows filmed earlier are still screening, hosted by schools worldwide.

To enquire about hosting one for your school or community- just email deeperforest@gmail.com

Fully Human Parent deals with helping your child use all the levels of their mind, so as to have strong and resilient mental health, while keeping an open heart.  It helps you to help them. 

Raising Boys is the classic talk that has reached 140,000 parents in 27 countries.  It covers all ages of boys, is hugely helpful to mothers in understanding sons, and is also a powerful influence on dads to heal their own wounds so as to father well.

Raising Girls is a very stirring talk, with stories of girls from my practice who with their parents fought back from damage and harm.

Its a call to arms, and will leave you roused up to change how the world treats girls.  And equipped to strengthen your girl at every age.