2020 Talks


The year is winding up so please have a look at the remaining events and do grab one that suits you.   You can watch anywhere in the world, but the time zone is that of the local host school.  These are screenings of my talks filmed before the virus came along, using multi-cameras in front of a live audience, and are a lot of fun and moving to watch,  as well as a huge amount of help in raising your family. 

NB - WE ARE NOW ACTIVELY SEEKING UK, IRISH, CANADIAN, AND NEW ZEALAND schools to host talks IN 2021.  Contact us on deeperforest(at)gmail.com

There is no cost to schools hosting a talk. 


John Curtin College of the Arts PERTH - but open to all

RAISING BOYS October 13th at 8 pm  (Perth Time)


RAISING GIRLS  October 15th at 8 pm (Perth Time)


Essendon North Primary School MELBOURNE - but open to all

RAISING BOYS Wed October 7th at 8 pm 


RAISING GIRLS  Wed October 14th at 8 pm


ST. MICHAEL’S GRAMMAR MELBOURNE  and open to parents anywhere

RAISING GIRLS   October 19th at 8.00 pm Melbourne Time   

(these links are for the wider community,  St Michael’s parents link is via the school)


RAISING BOYS October 20th at 8.00 pm Melbourne Time

(these links are for the wider community,  St Michael’s parents link is via the school)



We are holding three events based in Alpine Shire and free of cost to people living in the aftermath of bushfires.  Booking information is available in the local press and from primary schools in the three fire-affected shires of Eastern Victoria.  

Raising Boys 8th October

Raising Girls 29th October

Secrets of Happy Children 19th November